Socoa's universe mixes world music, organic waves and smooth chords with hip hop/electronic influences and a touch of exotism. The project is to create on each EP a different atmosphere representing a region of the world, a place or a general vibe.
In his first EP "Summertime Shades" we explored sunshiny landscapes at cruising speed. In his second opus "Bengal" he brings us to an indian trip. Diving through the spiritual aspects to the traditional festive colorful scenes, he infuses Darjeeling flavors with his very own waves, which makes this EP so singular.



Constantly travelling somewhere, he translates musically some feelings and atmospheres he enjoyed to find around the planet. The trip started with the furious need to explore the world, discover the human culture and seek for the positive vibes around the globe.
As he started to play with keyboards and records at an early age in his native France, he decided to mix his two passions to create his very own musical universe and he's determined to share his waves with the world.



"He’s offering up quite an impressive five-track collection of his smooth atmospheric rhythms that moves between cruisy daydreaming vibes to uplifting dance-inducing enjoyment with absolute ease and finesse.."  
- Acid Stag Australia

"Brand new chillwave funk jam from Parisian producer Socoa. Chillwave and chillwave funk have been increasingly popular... pioneered by acts like Big Wild, Flume, and Tora. More often than not, they embody some pretty progressive jazz and 80s pop structures composed and arranged electronically and it makes for some truly great music."  
- RAC Canada

"Prenez des accords soul. Mélangez-les délicatement avec des sonorités à la fois hip-hop et électronique. Ajoutez-y des glaçons. Shakez pendant 5 secondes. Ajoutez-y de légères drums. Saupoudrez le tout d’un peu de groove et de quelques vagues exotiques... un zeste de bonne humeur, un peu de soleil et beaucoup d’amour et vous obtenez Summertime Shades le premier EP de Socoa."  
- Cimer France


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